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Being part of the mailing list is the first step to joining the green economic community.  Whether you’re a fresh college graduate looking to ride the green wave to a lucrative and fulfilling career or a seasoned wage worker eager to find better jobs for better causes there’s a place for you in the Green Futures LA network.  Maybe you’re a small restaurant looking to support the local economy and generate some good PR by carrying more local food.  Maybe you’re a hobby farmer looking to supplement your income by selling your harvest to sustainable chefs.  Maybe you’re just a concerned citizen eager to get involved with a non-political movement that has the potential to save both our economy and our planet.

Either way, Green Futures LA wants you on board.  Here, everyone has a seat at the table.  Don’t worry, the food is locally grown and we pay our workers a living wage.

CNN posted an article today that’s directly on topic for the launch of Green Futures LA!  You can read the article here.  At Green Futures LA we hope to assist local community colleges with the challenging work of bridging the widening skills gap in America’s labor force.  With such historic unemployment it’s nothing short of a tragedy that lack of education and underdeveloped job skills are keeping workers out of the green economy.  There is still demand for labor in this country.  Job seekers just need to hone the skills and knowledge base required to fill those jobs.  America will never be the manufacturing powerhouse that it once was, but we can and will spearhead the green revolution.  The old jobs are never coming back, but the new ones are already here.  America’s strength has always been innovation. Somewhere down the line we lost sight of that and became complacent. Unprecedented growth in the emerging “green sector” is our best hope for a return to economic prosperity.  At Green Futures LA we hope to contribute to this recovery by training a workforce that is job-ready to meet the labor needs of green employers.

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